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New York, NY

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Tolly Wright won a mutton bustin' contest when she was six years old. Realizing that she'd never reach such a career high again—rodeo workers rarely let persons over 50lbs ride on the back of a sheep—she settled for the life of a writer, editor, and sometimes-actress. She spends her days in Harlem working on freelance projects,  listening to podcasts, and arguing with her saucy cat, Phillip. In her free time she's usually talking about comedy, renaissance festivals and her motherland, Baltimore. Her work has been published in Time Out New York, New York Magazine's Vulture, Bustle, and several other websites and publications. You should read her work sometime—look for her byline, or, if that's taking too long, click on the publications link on her website (just over there, on the left). 

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